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BERKELEY SPRINGS, WV – Theoni Natural Artesian Water from the Agrafa Mountains in Greece, was recently voted Gold Medal Winner for the best tasting and quality bottled water in the world. The award-winning Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting welcomed more than one hundred waters from across the country and around the globe on Saturday, February 28, 2016 for this prestigious competition. Held in the historic spa town of Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, it is the largest and longest running water tasting competition in the world.

Water entries were submitted from Canada, New Zealand, France, Norway, Iceland, Macedonia and 21 states in the US. Judges were instructed to look, sniff and taste each water under guidelines like those in a wine tasting. The waters were rated for each attribute, including "appearance" (it should be clear), aroma (there should be none), taste and mouth feel (it should be clean and light), and aftertaste (it should leave you thirsty for more). Waters were tested in four separate rounds over a two-day period.

The quality of water can affect the taste, consistency and general attributes of foods as diverse as tea, pasta and vegetables.  Nestled within pristine forest lands and surrounded by the unique protected geological structure of the area, Theoni Natural Artesian Water, flows naturally to the surface. This process is so complete, the water requires no further treatment. This keeps it free from added chemicals because the naturally alkaline water (Ph8) is bottled directly from the Goura Spring in Greece with a crisp, clear taste and free of any toxic heavy metals. Theoni Natural Artesian water is found to be purely exceptional.

Judges for the 2016 Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting included representatives from Forbes, Emerald Plante TV, Shepherd University, National Public Radio, The Martinsburg Journal and the Charleston Gazette.

Theoni Natural Artesian Water is not a newcomer to competitions.  Theoni Natural Artesian Water also won first place as a Gold Medal Winner during the ITIQ 2015 Brussels and the prestige European contest DLG held in Germany in 2016

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